Linear Emerge Access Control | Browser Based

Linear eMerge Access Control 50P/5000P | Browser-Based Access Control Security System

Linear eMerge 50P 5000P access control systemLinear’s eMerge Access Control 50P/5000P is a browser-managed access control security system used to secure up to 32 doors using the 50P and 140 doors using the 5000P. The eMerge 5000P access control system can be upgraded to control as many as 192 doors. Included with our eMerge 50P and 5000P system bundles are a network controller for two doors, an access control module, a case for the platform, and necessary power supplies. Even larger facilities can be safely secured with the installation of one of our eMerge 50P/5000P access control systems. Limit entry to two doors or expand to a total of 192 for larger facilities to ensure that only authorized users have access.

Linear's eMerge Access Control 50P/5000P Access Control Accessories Licenses Upgrades

Linear’s eMerge 50P and 5000P access control security systems can be accessorized with a wide variety of expansion tools and optional equipment. Access control blades, ACMs with card readers, input blades, output blades, expansion nodes, temperature monitoring blades and probes are all available to purchase in addition to an eMerge 50P or 5000P access control product bundle. Consider expanding your network with an expansion node to ensure that your large facility is being accurately secured under one system.

Licenses and upgrade cards as well as any spare parts needed to complete or replace your access control system are available. The Linear offers complete take over kits for both the eMerge 50P and 5000P systems that include an enclosure, a new controller board, a node board, and necessary power supply cord(s). These replacement kits do not contain an ACM board. If you are unsure about choosing an access control security system for your facility, do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help maximize your security control with Linear’s browser-based, access control systems.

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