Nursing Call Lights

Nursing Call Lights for Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Nursing Call Lights are essential devices for any medical facility. In streamlining care for patients and communicating data and information in an efficient process, Nursing Call Lights are a critical part of patient care and staff productivity. BEC Integrated Solutions is dedicated to offering your facility a number of options of Nursing Call Lights including upgrading your old system or replacing it with an entirely new and complete System. Our Nursing Call Lights are delivered pre-programmed and include free tech and programming support for the entire life of the system. Contact any one of our professional customer service representatives free quote today to provide your facility with the most advanced healthcare technology on the market.

TekTone Nursing Call Lights

TekTone Nursing Call Lights provide a simple way for you to upgrade your existing system at an affordable price. The TekTone NC120 Nursing Call Lights is our non-voice-based system. With a simple two-wire configuration, the TekTone NC120 is the easiest Nursing Call Lights to upgrade simply because it is an ideal solution for replacing a variety of old Nursing Call Lights. This innovative system is also equipped with smartphone and tablet integration providing all of the necessary tools for healthcare staff on-the-go.

Our Nursing Call Lights are offered in TekTone NC300, NC110 and NC150-200 models which provide reporting software, pagers and other useful components of different variations depending on the system chosen. These Nursing Call Lights will enhance the overall care at your facility by streamlining duties and providing a reliable connection for communication.

Wireless Nursing Call Lights

Our line of Wireless Nursing Call Lights give you the tools you need to care for your patients, while not being limited to stationary wall-mounted stations. We offer free programming for your systems so they are ready to go upon installation. Our PC based wireless Nursing Call Lights provides a centralized solution which allows nearly any wireless medical device to be merged into the system. This saves you money by not requiring a replacement or upgrade of every device in your facility.

  • Huge savings on Installation costs. "Delivered PRE-Programmed"
  • NO Reoccurring Costs or Software Upgrades
  • Use an INSTALLER of Your Choice
  • FREE System Support for the life of the system!

Shop Other Nursing Call LightsNursing Call Lights

Wireless Nurse Call

Wireless Nursing Call Lights

  • NON-Voice-Based Wireless Nursing Call Lights
  • Free Programming with system purchase
  • Smartphone & Tablet integration
  • UL1069 Listed is an option for this system
  • LOW Installation cost Nursing Call Lights
TekTone Tek-CARE400 / P5 Nurse Call System

TekTone Tek-CARE400 / P5 Nursing Call Lights

  • Voice-Based Nursing Call Lights (UL1069)
  • Uses CAT5 cable or better
  • Programming options designed for your facility
  • Clean, contemporary design
  • Crystal-clear communication using full-duplex audio
TekTone NC120 Nurse Call System

TekTone NC120 Nursing Call Lights

  • Voice-Based Nursing Call Lights (UL1069)
  • Able to Re-Use Existing Cable in most cases
  • ONLY Requires 2 Conductor Cable
  • Easiest Upgrade Nursing Call Lights Available
  • Smartphone & Tablet integration
TekTone NC300 Nurse Call System

TekTone NC300 Nursing Call Lights

  • Voice-Based Nursing Call Lights
  • Optional Pillow Speakers, Bed, Light Controls
  • Requires Multi-Conductor Cable
  • Pagers, Reporting Software, etc.
  • This is a UL1069 Nursing Call Lights
TekTone NC110 Nurse Call System

TekTone NC110 NON-VOICE Nursing Call Lights

  • NON-Voice-Based Nursing Call Lights
  • Provides audible and visual call indication without the use of intercom communications
  • Pagers, Reporting Software, etc.
  • This is a UL1069 Nursing Call Lights
TekTone NC150 Nurse Call System

TekTone NC150-200 Nursing Call Lights

  • Voice-Based Nursing Call Lights
  • Provides audible and visual call indication without the use of intercom communications
  • Pagers, Reporting Software, etc.
  • This is a UL1069 Nursing Call Lights
Wander Management Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention & Wander Management

  • Bed alarm & fall prevention devices
  • Wireless bed, chair & exit alarms
  • One in three adults who are 65+ will take a fall (CDC)
TekTone Emergency Call System

TekTone CM800 Emergency Call System

  • NON-Voice-Based Nursing Call Lights
  • Very Low-Cost Emergency Call System
  • NOT a UL1069 Nursing Call Lights
Healthcare System Repairs

Healthcare System Repair Service

  • First item repair is FREE as a complimentary gift from BEC
  • We can repair almost ANY Nursing Call Lights parts

Nursing Call Lights Online Cost Estimate

Let’s get you started with an upgrade or replacement Nursing Call Lights cost estimate. We understand that in the medical community, no two situations are identical and that’s why we work hard to serve our clients by providing Nursing Call Lights specific to each facility’s needs. Simply use our online quote form and our team of experts will assist you by designing an ideal system for your facility.