BE Series Multi Tenant Systems Kits

Multi Tenant Video Monitor, Door Panel, Power Supply Intercom Kit 

CAT5 Building Video Intercom KitOur CAT5 building video intercom system kits come completely stocked with all necessities required to have your multi tenant apartment building fully secured with a video intercom system. Our multi tenant video intercom kits each include one type of our seven inch style video monitors (BE-V5-7W, BE-V5-7, BE-V5-7RW, BE-V5-7R), your choice of door panel, necessary power supply, port coders, and a keyfob to accompany each video monitor. Choose your own kit built for apartments with anywhere from six to 18 tenants. For a different sized apartment, please contact us for a discounted project quote.

CAT5 Cabling Apartment Building Video Intercom Kit

With a multi tenant video intercom kit, you have access to all the security benefits of our CAT5 cable video entry security system. A multi tenant video intercom kit can come with up to 300 video intercom monitors. These monitors communicate with door entry units via CAT5 cables. The use of CAT5 cable keeps the network secure and the connection stable. A multi tenant video intercom kit can come with as many as 16 door entry units for larger facilities with numerous entryways.

Video Intercom Monitors

With a multi tenant video intercom kit, tenants can easily see and hear who is at the door entry unit by using the video monitor. Easy volume and brightness adjustment controls on the video monitors give the tenant added clarity. If a caller is welcome, the tenant simply pushes a button and unlocks the door. If the caller is not welcome, the tenant stays safe inside. Video monitors with a multi tenant video intercom kit come with picture memory capabilities. They store the last 100 security images with time and date stamps.

Video Intercom Camera Door Panels

Door entry units with a multi tenant video intercom kit all have infrared night vision technology. Each door unit has a 24 VDC electric strike lock wired to it. Multi tenant video intercom kit door units include card readers, usable with access cards and key fobs, as well as keypads for key code access.

Video Intercom Full System Kit

A multi tenant video intercom system kit comes with the all security features and components needed to keep residential buildings safe. With a multi tenant video intercom kit, instead of shopping around for the individual parts of a security system, it’s all in one place, keeping things simpler and less expensive. Power supply, port coders, and key fobs accompany our full system kits to provide a complete package ready to be installed and activated at once.

Contact us for a free discounted project quote of a multi tenant video intercom kit that will meet your security needs. Professional installers and dealers are available in most areas. Contact us to learn more!