System Kits

Multi, Four, Three, Two , Single-Tenant Video Intercom System Kits

Our video intercom system kits, complete with color monitors, are designed to meet all entry security needs for any residence, apartment building, business office, healthcare facility or any facility where secure entry is required. We offer kits for single users and kits for multiple users. Our pre-packaged video entry system kits offer security for units with one to 16 entry doorways. Virtually any sized facility can piece together a video intercom system kit specially designed to cover every area in order to eliminate security breaches 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

At BEC Integrated Solutions we are proud to offer various options and features when choosing a color monitor for your video intercom system. A maximum of six color monitors can be connected with our single tenant intercom systems and up to 300 color monitors can be paired with our multi-tenant systems for larger facilities. With screen spreads from 4.6 to 10 inches, our customers can choose a size that is easily viewable from the monitor’s mounted position. Our monitors include auto viewing functionality for easy viewing and accessibility. After a resident, employee, tenant or visitor has been recognized, a system user has the ability to unlock the door by pressing a button located on the monitor itself. The video intercom system user also has volume control and brightness adjustment capabilities from the monitor. We also offer monitors with picture memory capabilities in order to store the last 100 photos taken. These stored photos will include the date and the time stamp for reviewing purposes.

For more information on indivudual products and pricing, visit our Video Entry page.