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Channel Digital Cable Tv Modulation

Our video components are matched and paired in perfect harmony to provide quality digital cable TV modulation to your home or office space. These video audio products will help provide durability and dependability for both residential or commercial digital cable TV modulation system requirements. Whether you are in search of combiners, modulators, amplified connector cables or another piece of ancillary video equipment, you’re sure to find products that are reliable and affordable at BEC Integrated Solutions.

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Channel Vision Combiners

Eliminate interference and frustration with jammed signals with our affordable line of combiners. These combiners will provide clear video signals for your digital cable TV modulation system. Easily switch to different inputs without the need for additional filters. These combiners will amplify cable modulation while sharing a single coax cable to one TV. Our digital combiners are the only answer to digital cable TV modulation!

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Channel Vision Combiner

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Channel Vision Modulator

Channel Vision Modulators

With options of 1, 2, 3 and 4 inputs, our line of Channel Vision modulators will provide clear channel signals for your digital cable TV modulation system. Installation is quick and simple as the LED display will help you navigate your system with ease. Each modulator comes with a push-button channel selector while also providing an integrated IR engine which runs over the same coax that delivers video to your TV. Our modulators come with video level input adjustment and several brackets are also available for more secure installation.

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