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The latest in audio innovation at an affordable price, that’s what we offer with our line of Crescendo CAT5 Audio Systems. These systems provide brilliant sound for your home or office. Whether you are looking for bluetooth docking stations, speakers, amplifiers or other audio system products, our Crescendo CAT5 Audio Systems will provide the best in audio distribution systems.

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Channel Vision Crescendo CAT5 Room Kits

We provide the simplicity of a Crescendo CAT5 Audio System with our room kits. These kits come with speakers, amplifiers, keypad controllers and docking stations. This Crescendo CAT5 Audio System is an excellent audio solution for an apartment, home or office and provides brilliant sound throughout your space. Charge your smartphone or music device using the Crescendo CAT5 Audio System’s micro-USB charging station. These room kits are easy to install and provide a powerful sound you are sure to enjoy!

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Crescendo CAT5 Room Kit

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Crescendo CAT5 Docking Station

Crescendo CAT5 Audio Distribution Docking Stations

Go hands-free while playing your favorite songs using our Crescendo CAT5 Audio Systems. These docking stations come in a variety of options that can automatically connect the music from your phone when you enter the room. Using CAT5 cabling, our Crescendo CAT5 Audio Systems ensure a reliable and dependable connection for your home audio system. We have single or multi-room options available. Each of our Crescendo CAT5 Audio Systems are easy to install and come with a variety of features.

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Crescendo CAT5 Source Receivers

Our Crescendo CAT5 Audio Systems come with dependable source receivers that are wired with CAT5 cabling to ensure reliability. These receivers are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to stream music from your Bluetooth enabled devices throughout your home or office. Each of our Crescendo CAT5 Audio Systems are equipped with power-saving technology as the system will turn off when you leave the room. When you come back within range of the system, the source receiver will automatically pick back up where you left off. These source receivers can be purchased for single or multi-room use and are easy to install.

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Crescendo CAT5 Source Receiver

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