A-BUS Audio Distribution

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Channel Vision Audio Systems

A-BUS Audio Distribution

Turn your home or office into an entertainment oasis with our line of A-BUS Audio Distribution products. We offer amplifiers, dock stations, keypads and room kits at an affordable price. Our systems produce superior sound for residential or commercial environments. As an industry leader for over 20 years, our A-BUS Audio Distribution systems are second to none on the market today!

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Channel Vision A-BUS Room Kits

Avoid the hassle of single-item shopping with our A-BUS Audio Distribution room kits. These systems come in multi-zone and multi-room options for your home or office. Each of these kits are equipped with high quality speakers and secure with CAT5 wiring. These A-BUS Audio Distribution room kits are easy to install and provide high quality sound. We also have A-BUS Audio Distribution room kits that feature bluetooth technology to support any enabled device for wireless streaming. Whether you need a single room setup or a multi-zone system, we have the A-BUS Audio Distribution room kit for your needs.

About A-BUS Audio Distribution

A-BUS Audio Distribution

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A-BUS Docking Stations

A-BUS Audio Distribution Docking Stations

Our A-BUS Audio Distribution docking stations bring simplicity and dependability to your audio system. Add multiple docking stations throughout your home or office to play your favorite playlist throughout the system. We have A-BUS Audio Distribution docking stations available with bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect your bluetooth enabled devices to the system. Each docking station is equipped with CAT5 cabling for reliability and the station will charge your phone using the Micro-USB connector. The docking station is equipped with sensors that turn off the system when you leave the room, saving power costs.

About A-BUS Docking Stations

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A-BUS Input Modules

Each of our A-BUS Audio Distribution modules are easy to install and will provide a dependable connection for your audio system. These modules integrate single or multi-source audio inputs while LED indicators show when the system is in use. Wiring is secure with CAT5 cabling and bluetooth options are also available for purchase. These A-BUS Audio Distribution modules are available for single or multi-room use.

About A-BUS Input Modules

A-BUS Input Module

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