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Crank up the volume as loud as you dare with our Aria Audio Systems! We offer amplifiers, audio kits, speakers and so much more. All of the products you need to turn your home or office into a 24/7 entertainment center. Aria Audio Systems has the reputation as being an elite brand of audio products. Whether you need a system for a studio apartment or a multi-room home or office, you can rest assured that one of our Aria Audio Systems is right for you and your budget.

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Channel Vision Aria Amplifiers & Streaming Equipment

Amplifiers for our Aria Audio Systems are easy to install and provide reliable connectivity for your home audio system. Purchase one of our Bluetooth Aria Audio Systems and enjoy hands-free entertainment. Each of our amplifiers are wired with CAT5 cabling and come equipped with power-saving technology to only use power when the system is in use. Control your Aria Audio Systems through the IOS or Android app from anywhere in your home and enjoy the brilliant sound of an enhanced 3D surround sound system. Our speakers come in a variety of options including ceiling mounted speakers and wall speakers. These speakers have a simple design and yet a powerful sound in streaming your favorite songs throughout your home. Whether you need a tabletop or wall-mounted amplifier, we have multiple Aria Audio Systems for you to choose from.

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Aria Room Kits

Aria Audio Distribution Kits & Speakers

Aria Audio Systems provide an all-in-one solution for your home audio needs. With our home audio kits, your system comes with all the components needed right out of the box. Speakers, amplifiers, docking stations and control keypads are all available in varying options in our Aria Audio Systems. Enjoy the benefits of our Bluetooth technology as our Aria Audio Systems easily sync your Bluetooth enabled devices to stream your favorite tunes. These kits are easy to install and provide an affordable solution in audio entertainment. Remove the hassle of shopping for individual parts to your system and purchase an audio kit for your home or office.

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