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I2000M Music Intercom System

Enjoy communication, entertainment and security all found in our line of Intrasonic Intercom Systems. We offer a wide array of systems which come with numerous features you are sure to enjoy in your home or office. Our Intrasonic Intercom Systems have been utilized in apartments, gated communities, condominiums, schools, business offices and many other residential and commercial settings. You’ll enjoy the latest in intercom technology with Intrasonic Intercom Systems.

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Intrasonic Retro-M Replacement Intercom System

Our Retro-M Intrasonic Intercom System is an ideal replacement for your existing system. The Retro-M can replace almost any M&S, Nutone, Broan, IntraSonic or AudioTech Intercom System using the existing wiring and infrastructure of your home or office. The Retro-M is an innovative Intrasonic Intercom System that can expand up to 13 zones including two doors and one auxiliary output. You can have the confidence in knowing our Intrasonic Intercom Systems will provide complete coverage throughout your home or place of business.

Channel Vision IR Repeater System

Intrasonic intercom system room station

Intercom Privacy Feature and More

The Retro-M Intrasonic Intercom System features privacy calling to units as well as hands free calling and answering. The system also doubles as an entertainment system as it features AM/FM radio presets, a USB charging port for music devices and plugs into a variety of music playing devices. You can enjoy brilliant sound throughout your home as the Retro-M can be wired directly to the ceiling or wall speakers.

If your existing home or business intercom is in need of an upgrade, look no further than the Retro-M Intrasonic Intercom System.

About Retro-M Replacement Intercom

IntraSonic RETRO-M Upgrade Intercom System Quote

Upon completing the following quote form, your fully customized and complete replacement intercom system kit will be sent to the email address that you provide. You may call us or place an order directly from the quote PDF that is sent to your email.

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Intrasonic I600 In-wall Digital Stereo

The I600 In-Wall Digital Stereo Music System offers music distribution throughout the entire area of any home or office space. With its high quality sound, the I600 not only provides crystal clear music and audio, but it also adds to the modern look of homes with its sleek design. The I600 In-Wall Digital Stereo Music System is technologically advanced yet user-friendly. It offers touch screen controls, different music source connection options, Bluetooth capability, and numerous other features to improve music entertainment in your home.

About I600 In-wall Stereo

Intrasonic I600 Digital Stereo

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