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If there is a particular manufacturer that you prefer, consider researching our intercom systems by specific manufacturer. We support our manufacturer’s products 100% as they offer countless features and benefits. Large or small, commercial or residential, there is an option to suit your needs. Whether an old system needs to be upgraded or expanded, our manufacturers cover all possible scenarios. We would enjoy answering any questions you may have regarding our systems. Please contact us today at BEC Integrated Solutions for affordable, competitive quotes.

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IntraSonic Technologies provides dependable intercom systems at affordable prices. They produce multi-featured, user-friendly intercom systems that are well worth the cost. IntraSonic Technologies is popular for Music Distribution and Intercom Systems and intercom system accessories.

Lindsay Manufacturing offers multi-station intercoms with room calling, door answering, video options, and AM/FM radio and music plug-ins for every room. Numerous features and options are available to build an intercom system to suit your needs.

M&S Systems can replace nearly any existing three, four, six or seven wire intercom system. The master unit housing will need to be replaced when upgrading with our M&S intercom system. When choosing to replace your old M&S Intercom System with a new M&S system, old door stations are all reusable.

Nutone Intercom Systems will replace most three, four, six or seven wire intercom systems. Using a Nutone upgrade system will require replacement of the master unit housing. iPod, iPhone and CD capabilities are not included with the upgraded Nutone systems.

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