Voice Only Intercoms


Our voice only intercom systems allow users to perform clear, two-way voice communication from separate locations within a venue. Room to room communication within homes, schools, business offices and countless other locations can be accomplished using our voice only intercom systems. Whether commercial or residential, large or small, our voice only intercom options increase efficiency by allowing instantaneous communication from one area to another. Some of our voice only intercom systems offer hands-free options when pressing the button is inconvenient. Privacy is still allowed using our voice only intercom systems, however, unless the option for constant connection is selected. We offer highly capable Apartment Intercom Systems and Select Call Intercom Systems with numerous features and benefits. We look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have regarding our many intercom systems.

Apartment Intercom System Upgrade Replacement

Our Apartment Intercom Systems have numerous features depending on the size of the facility and the number of entryways needing to be monitored. Our systems are wired by cable for better network security and for a more reliable connection. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer a variety of apartment intercom systems to meet apartment security needs. We offer multi tenant and single tenant apartment intercom systems.

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Our select call intercom systems are indoor stations that have the ability to call any other single intercom station of choice. Each station can either call all stations at once or it can dial one single location. This feature makes our select call intercom systems a unique option out of all of our systems. Schools, business offices or residences can benefit from our select call intercoms. Whether commercial or residential, large or small, our select call intercom systems’ unique features add efficiency to any venue. We offer only the most trusted products from manufacturers that we support 100%. Continue reading about our select call intercom choices or call us at BEC Integrated Solutions for more information.

Our Valet System One Mini allows crystal clear, reliable room to room communication. With the option to call one room or all rooms, our Valet System One Mini is ideal for any venue that needs both the option to make overall announcements or place a call to a single room. This select call intercom system offers hands free communication as well as a monitoring function for use with children or babies. The Valet System One Mini is also music capable and offers AM/FM radio and an audio input jack for a CD player, tape player or MP3 player.  READ MORE...