BEC's GSM Cellular Intercom System


BEC's GSM Cellular Entry System

With the Multi Family GSM Cellular Entry Intercom, you have the flexibility of designing this system to meet your needs. You can also include the needed number of apartment unit buttons, keypads, proximity readers, and all with cell phone mobile dialing. The GSM cellular entry system is perfect for those looking to eliminate expensive analog telephone services. 

At the press of a button, a call will Dial out to as many as three mobile phone numbers per unit. The GSM cellular entry system can also be expanded to complexes that have up to 500 apartment units. In these larger buildings, you would dial the apartment number using the keypad.

Multi Family GSM Cellular Entry Intercom

* Calls up to 500 families from a single SIM card.
* Visitors can scroll for residents, or enter an apartment number to call.
* Dials up to 3 phone numbers per family on rollover.
* 4G Ready.
* HD voice with VOLTE*.
* Built-in time clock for auto opening and closing of gates, barriers, or doors in busy periods or for daytime operation.