Apartment Intercom Systems

Multi Tenant Apartment Intercom Systems

You can rest easy knowing your property is secured when choosing to install an apartment building entry system by BEC Integrated Solutions. We offer our best to you through our entry systems, adapting to and accommodating nearly every need that should arise in your search for the best! At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide several varieties of apartment building entry systems to fit nearly any facility imaginable. We offer traditional Telephone Entry Systems, Telephone Entry Systems that use "Cellular" service, Entry Systems using "WiFi", Video Entry, Mobile Phone Calling, "Wireless Multi-Tenant Intercom Entry, Wireless Single Resident Intercom Entry, Multiple options for Gate Entry and more...

Feature Product - IP Digital Video Intercom System

Eliminate Expensive Monthly Phone Bills 

At BEC we offer an extensive list of products for Multi Tenant Building, Apartment Building used for ANY type of Commercial or Residential application.