Efficient Hospitals With 17 Wireless Nurse Call System Wrist Pendants

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Major Benefits to using our Wireless Nurse Call System  :

  • Huge savings on Installation costs. "Delivered PRE-Programmed"
  • NO Reoccurring Costs or Software Upgrades
  • Use an INSTALLER of Your Choice
  • FREE System Support for the life of the system!

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  • MV400 Desk Console Wireless Nurse Call System Kit

    With our wireless emergency call system in all 50 states, multiple foreign countries and in over 3,000 medical facilities across the globe, it’s no wonder we have been the leader in wireless emergency call systems for over 20 years. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we create a custom wireless emergency call system to meet your needs. Whether you run a small independent doctor’s office, a mobile clinic or a multi-campus hospital system, we can meet any of your needs to provide high quality communication using your new wireless emergency call system.

    Included in this Kit:

    • (1) MV400 Desk Console
    • (17) Wireless Patient Wandering Wrist Pendants

    The MV400 desk console wireless emergency call system features a built-in scheduler that allows your staff to be reminded to give medications, lock doors or perform other associated tasks such as an automatic reminder is sent to their tablet, cell phone, pager or two-way radio. Messaging can also be relayed in a patient wandering situation or fall or emergency giving your staff quick communication and alerts to allow them to respond in a quick and timely manner.

    A great feature of our wireless emergency call system is that it requires no expensive licenses or upgrades to add more stations, staff notification devices or personal pendant transmitters at any time and no service contracts are required to support your system once installed. We stand behind each wireless emergency call system we sell and provide free technical support on a toll-free number should you need it.

    Special project pricing is available. Give us a call today for your customized discounted project quote!

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    Other Healthcare System Options

    Tektone Tek-Care 120 Nurse Call System Tek-Tone NC300 Nurse Call Wireless Emergency Call System GPS Personal Emergency Alert

    Tek-CARE 120

    Uses ONLY 2 Wires (22awg)
    Perfect For Replacements
    Touchsreen & Smartphones

    Tek-Tone NC300

    Voice Based Nursecall
    Touchscreen & Smartphones
    Multi-Conductor Wires

    Wireless Emergency Call

    All Wireless Devices
    Pre-Programmed System
    Low Install Costs

    Personal Alert Systems

    GPS with Voice Options
    Health & Wellness Tracking
    Numera Libris Accessories

    Fall Prevention Anti Wander Management Wander Management System Sure Responce 2 Way Radios

    Fall Prevention

    Many Wireless Options
    Send Calls to Your Nurse Call 


    Low Cost Simple Options
    Easy Installation

    Wander Management

    Resident ID Options
    Connects to Nurse Call 

    2 Way Radios

    Sure Response Options
    Integrate with Nurse Call

    Shop Nurse Call Systems

    Wireless Nurse Call

    Wireless Nurse Call Systems

    • NON Voice Based Wireless Nursecall
    • Free Programming with system purchase
    • Smartphone & Tablet integration
    • UL1069 Listed is an option for this system
    • LOW Installation cost nursecall
    TekTone Tek-CARE400 / P5 Nurse Call System

    TekTone Tek-CARE400 / P5 Nurse Call 

    • Voice Based Nurse Call System (UL1069)
    • Uses CAT5 cable or better
    • Programming options designed for your facility
    • Clean, contempory design
    • Crystal-clear communication using full-duplex audio
    TekTone NC120 Nurse Call System

    TekTone NC120 Nurse Call

    • Voice Based Nurse Call System (UL1069)
    • Able to Re-Use Existing Cable in most cases
    • ONLY Requires 2 Conductor Cable
    • Easiest Upgrade Nurse Call System Available
    • Smartphone & Tablet integration
    TekTone NC300 Nurse Call System

    TekTone NC300 Nurse Call

    • Voice Based Nurse Call System
    • Optional Pillow Speakers, Bed, Light Controls
    • Requires Multi-Conductor Cable
    • Pagers, Reporting Software, etc.
    • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System
    TekTone NC110 Nurse Call System

    TekTone NC110 NON-VOICE NurseCall

    • NON Voice Based Nursecall
    • Provides audible and visual call indication without the use of intercom communications
    • Pagers, Reporting Software, etc.
    • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System
    TekTone NC150 Nurse Call System

    TekTone NC150-200 Nurse Call System

    • Voice Based Nursecall
    • Provides audible and visual call indication without the use of intercom communications
    • Pagers, Reporting Software, etc.
    • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System
    Wander Management Fall Prevention

    Fall Prevention & Wander Management

    • Bed alarm & fall prevention devices
    • Wireless bed, chair & exit alarms
    • One in three adults who are 65+ will take a fall (CDC)
    TekTone Emergency Call System

    TekTone CM800 Emergency Call System

    • NON Voice Based Nursecall
    • Very Low Cost Emergency Call System
    • NOT a UL1069 Nurse Call System
    Healthcare System Repairs

    Healthcare System Repair Service

    • First item repair is FREE as a complimentary gift from BEC
    • We can repair almost ANY Nurse Call System parts

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