Cornell B-5248A Power Supply with Battery Backup

The Cornell B-5248A Area of refuge is designed to provide fully supervised, two-way voice communication
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  • The Cornell B-5248A Power Supply with Battery Backup is a component of the Cornell 4800 Area Rescue Refuge. For a system with up to 50 Call Stations, the B-5248A can power any mixture of Switches and Control Panels. If systems require more than 50 Call Stations, an additional power source will be necessary. The B-5248A has a rate output of a continuous supply current of 8 Amps at 24 VDC. A voltage divider board provides 8 class 2 Positive Temperature Coefficient protected outputs. In addition, the B-5248A has LED to indicate diagnostics and two 12 Volt batteries to use as backup power.

    The B-5248A requires a power of 115 VAC/60HZ and 5.0 Amps, and has a thermal overload and short circuit protection. Slotted keyholes on the B-5248A allow simple surface mounting for the 15.75” H x 11.25” W x 4.5” D unit. The ideal environment for the B-5248A is 50-120°F indoor, and the B-5248A requires a minimum cable size of 18 AWG. The average life of the battery is 5 years.

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