Cornell B-5423A Power Supply Battery Backup 12 or 24V - 3 AMP

The Cornell B-5423A is part of the 4000 Nurse Call System. This is a visual only UL1069 listed system. If you require voice consider the Cornell 7000

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  • The Cornell B-5423A Power Supply Battery Backup is a dependable means of reserve power for fire or burglar alarms, access control systems and nurse call systems. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and numerous types of healthcare facilities use our Cornell B-5423A for instances where power outages occur. The output of the Cornell B-5423A is four amps of constant power at 12VDC and three amps at 24VDC with an 115VAC/60Hz, 1.5 amp of power. The Cornell B-5423A guards against short circuits and overheated applications. With a 16 inch by 12 inch by five inch, gray casing, our B-5423A can be wall or rack mounted in any location. The Cornell B-5423A is includes a power supply, encasement, cam locks, battery leads and two 12 Volt batteries.

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