Cornell A-4800M Main Control Panel Area of Rescue & Refuge


The Cornell A-4800M Area of refuge is designed to provide fully supervised, two-way voice communication

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  • The Cornell A-4800M Main Control Panel must be used in conjunction with the Cornell 4800 Area of Rescue and Refuge System. When a call is placed at a station, both the Main and Remote Panels are alerted of the call. A tone will sound and a description of the location of where the call was placed will appear. If a call is not answered, the A-4800M will automatically direct the call to a predetermined phone number with the use of an internal modem, connected to an Analog “POTS” dedicated telephone line. A single control panel can support between one and eight stations. If more stations are required, up to four A-4800R units can be installed to supply more station capacity.

    The A-4800M requires a power supply of 24 VDC, and the ideal operating environment is 50-120°F indoor. The A-4800M can be flush mounted with the enclosure assembly, which includes a locking hinged Frame/Door assembly and a separate back box. The wiring required for the A-4800M includes CAT5e Ethernet cabling for the Control Panel, along with Switch and Call Station Connections.

    Cornell Area of Refuge Quote

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