IntraSonic In-Wall Stereo

I600 In-Wall Digital Stereo Music System | Four Inch Touch Screen

IST In Wall Audio System

The I600 In-Wall Digital Stereo Music System offers music distribution throughout the entire area of any home or office space. With its high quality sound, the I600 not only provides crystal clear music and audio, but it also adds to the modern look of homes with its sleek design. The I600 In-Wall Digital Stereo Music System is technologically advanced yet user-friendly. It offers touch screen controls, different music source connection options, Bluetooth capability, and numerous other features to improve music entertainment in your home.

Our I600 can be purchased separately or in value packs that include all of the pieces to have your home full of music in little time. Our I600 In-Wall Digital Stereo Music System is offered in white, almond or black to match the style of your home. Consider our IST I600-BUILDERPAC, IST I600BASICPAC or IST I600EXTREMEPAC; all of which will make your home entertainment ready for the best value. The I600 touch screen is four inches and features a user-friendly, icon-based interface allowing those with little computer knowledge to easily operate the system. Choose to listen to music in one room only or expand the sound to each room of your choice to enjoy music no matter where you choose to go.

Four Inch Touch Screen Features & Interface

  • Features user-friendly, icon-based interface that controls audio source, volume, and power status
  • Choose low, medium or high volume for touchtone sound
  • 12/24 option time and date display
  • Five background options, and choice of always-on or delayed-off backlight
  • English, Spanish, French, Chinese traditional, and Chinese simplified language options
  • Alarm options with radio alert
  • Choose from white, almond or black to match your home

Different Music Source Choices with Equalizer for Each

  • AM/FM radio, six preset options
  • Bluetooth capable music devices
  • MP3 players (3.5mm jack, cord required)
  • iPod/iPhone docking (iPhone 5 adapter required)
  • Satellite, CD players, and other devices with auxiliary inputs
  • Devices with USB connection (can charge or play music for USB stick)

8 Ohm Speaker Options

  • Allows up to 80 Watts of stereo sound through as many as four pairs of speakers
  • Four extra pairs of speakers with each I600 Amplifier
  • Optional remote control for volume, radio tuning, and song selection through Bluetooth and docking
  • Cam-lock design with only speaker wires and power (110V or 220V)
  • Two year warranty