Residential Telephone Entry

Linear Residential Telephone Entry Systems RE-1N, RE-1S, RE-2N, RE-2S

Many types of residential facilities such as apartment complexes, condominiums and even single family residences can benefit from installing a residential telephone entry system for daily access control security. Whether your residential building or home has daily traffic or the occasional visitor, utilizing Linear’s residential telephone entry system allows residents to enjoy a secure environment. These systems can even be used for access control in commercial buildings with light traffic. With the ability to program as many as 100 unique entry codes ranging from one to six digits in length, Linear’s residential telephone entry system allows building and homeowners to keep track of who is entering by assigning individual entry codes. This access control system can store up to 450 events in the transaction log for future reviewing and it can be paired with as many as 100 transmitters.

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Linear residential telephone entry systemLinear offers two styles of residential telephone entry systems which are offered in a powder-coated steel color finish or a powder-coated nickel color finish. Each keypad’s style and color is designed to match the décor of the office building or residence where it is installed. Our residential telephone entry systems offer a speakerphone, keypad, radio receiver, and optional video camera encased in a durable enclosure that is to be wall or pedestal mounted outside of the main entry door. The easy-to-read CALL and HELP buttons are located on the front of each residential telephone entry keypad so that visitors can easily request access using the system. Linear’s residential telephone entry systems are built to withstand outdoor weathering and remain intact with daily use.

Linear Light Commercial Use Telephone Entry Operation

Visitors can easily request entry by pressing the CALL button located on the front of the telephone entry keypad. Once the button is pressed, a call will ring to the home phone with a distinct tone allowing residents to distinguish a phone call from a visitor’s call. Once the resident answers the call, he/she has the ability to unlock the door remotely using a key on the phone’s keypad. If the used decides not to allow access, he/she may simply end the call. Linear’s residential telephone entry systems include call waiting, call forwarding, alternate numbers for multi-resident buildings, programmable time zones, local and remote programming and much more.

Linear Residential Telephone Entry System Features

  • Downlighting
  • User friendly voice prompts
  • Two programmable outputs control two openings
  • Obstacle reverse, alarm shunt
  • Provisions for Knox Box
  • Simple to program and maintain through on board keypad, touchtone telephone, or computer with modem
  • Built-in 318 MHz superheterodyne radio receiver
  • Backup battery ready
  • 6.45" W x 10.81" H x 3.74" D (RE-1N & RE-1S)
  • 10" W x 6.25" H x 4" D (RE-2N & RE-2S)

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