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M&S VMC1 Video Intercom Music Audio Security System Select Call

Our M&S VMC1 intercom system offers video and music features all in one nicely packaged security system. Pair as many as 20 stations to your intercom system, three of which can be video door stations. Small or large residents can each benefit from the installation of an M&S VMC1 intercom system. Even smaller commercial buildings can be secured with our system. With the ability to identify each user, your home or office building can be safely monitored using our M&S VMC1 intercom system. Video security is a must for dangerous areas and ensures residents that only authorized users are allowed access. With our intercom system, two-way communication is quite convenient, especially in larger homes and offices.

M&S VMC1 Intercom System Music & Video Features

Linear M&S VMC1 Intercom System Music & VIdeoThe VMC1 intercom system offers selective call features allowing private conversations between two parties to take place. All call broadcasts are placed to every station until a user answers. At that point, the conversation may continue between the two connected parties only. The M&S VMC1 intercom system also features live feed video functionality for real time viewing of entry doors. It can also be programmed with home automation controls for a great deterrent to intruders. The TFT LCD video screen offers 5.6 inches of colored image and live feed viewing of any connected door station camera(s). Even connect our VMC1 intercom system to your television for better, constant viewing of your entryways. Other security system units can be connected to our M&S VMC1 intercom system including cctv cameras or TV from your set top box. Enjoy 24 hour complete security using our video intercom system.

Program your VCM1 intercom system to toggle on/off during certain times or even set it to turn on when the doorbell is rung. Turn lights on and off or trigger alarms from any connected station in order to enjoy whole home security whether you are home or away. Having a music playing functionality is only a plus when it comes to home security. Our M&S VMC1 intercom system offers AM/FM radio tuning with ten presets available for both AM and FM frequencies (20 presets total). Choose to play your favorite radio station or plug in your mp3 player, iPod or other musical device using the built in 3.5mm audio jack. Your whole home can enjoy background music using our M&S VMC1 intercom system.

Even more features and functions are available with each piece of the M&S VMC1 intercom system. Consider researching each item below as well as reaching out to us with any questions you may have regarding our video and music capable intercom system.

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