M&S Systems DMC1

All M&S Intercoms are Discontinued

DMC1 M&S Music Intercom System

Our M&S Systems DMC1 Intercom provides music and voice communication throughout the entire home featuring Bluetooth capabilities through the DMCBT Bluetooth-enabled intercom music player. Choose to connect as many as 15 rooms with our DMC1 Intercom System to provide entertainment and room to room communication. AM/FM radio capabilities are built in to the M&S Systems DMC1 unit with the option to add iPod and MP3 docking and a CD player as well. The addition of the DMC1 iPlay Dock –MP3 & CD Player allows almost any type of audio connection, including smart phones.

DMC1 M&S Intercom and Music System

Our DMC1 Intercom System easily installs using CAT5 cabling throughout the home. The sleek design of the DMC1 compliments any residents’ style, and it is designed for any person to control, including those who are not considered tech savvy. Easily monitor those coming and going from your residence through the front door unit and even use as a child / baby monitor. Each room station is equipped with a privacy button in order to ensure no one can connect with a specific room when privacy mode is activated

IntraSonic I2000M Music Distribution and Intercom System

I2000 IntraSonic Music Intercom

Our IntraSonic (IST) I2000 Intercom and Music Distribution System is a popular music intercom offering high quality, multi-source music delivery. As an affordable and expandable option, the IntraSonic music intercom system integrates numerous features and benefits for any venue, mainly home residences. The I2000 Music Intercom System offers a sleek, modern design with color options that enable it to blend seamlessly into your home décor, while delivering features that you will love. Our I2000 Intercom System's selective calling feature allows voice calls to be broadcast to all connected stations but then privacy mode kicks in when the call is answered at one station. This unique feature is designed to keep conversations private and extra noise throughout the home at a minimum. The broadcasting function is useful when sending a message for all residents.

- For (6 Wire) Upgrade Replacements please consider the M&S DMC3-4 or  the IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom 

- For (CAT5) new home installations please consider the Intrasonic I2000