Channel Vision Selective Call

Channel Vision Selective Call Room to Room Home Intercom System

Our Channel Vision Selective Call Intercom System offers both whole house communication broadcasting and room-to-room private calling. Selective call is a unique intercom feature that is not offered with most systems. Private calling or listening functions are useful for private conversations, child/baby monitoring, or broadcasting to only one area of the home without disturbing the whole residence. The select call functionality of our Channel Vision Intercom System enhances your home intercom experience without sacrificing the system’s affordability. Channel Vision products are renowned, reliable, and offer great service for a reasonable price.

Channel Vision Select Call Intercom SystemWith the ability to support as many as 24 home intercom stations, two of which can be front door intercom stations, Channel Vision’s Selective Call Intercom System offers two-way communication to homes of nearly any size. Choose to furnish one or all rooms with our ST-2000 Home Intercom Station to enhance daily communication between residents. The P-0930 CAT5e Hub is the main system component that includes six built-in direct call buttons to communicate with up to six intercom stations. More direct call buttons can be added using the ST-2100 Station Expander for larger homes. The A0503 Remote Control offers intercom system control without requiring direct contact with the main console.