4G Cellular Audio intercom Multicom Lite

The Multicom Lite, the multi apartment / multi resident wireless cellular intercom. 

Do you need a multi apartment intercom that will display up to 30 family names along with the ability to store an impressive 100 dialing contacts from the keypad?

Check out the Multicom lite which is remotely programmable by our free APP.

AES Multicom Lite - Multi Apartment 4G Cellular Audio intercom (100 Apartments)

  • Multi Tenant apartment / multi resident wireless GSM intercom
  • 4G LTE capable
  • Up to 30 families using illuminated directory screen, or up to 100 apartment / unit direct dialing from the keypad.
  • Programmable remotely by app
  • Store visitor codes by app
  • Prox card access options available.
  • Wall mounted version for apartments.
  • Sleek, all black panel, constructed from marine grade stainless steel, powder coated aluminum hood and gloss black toughened acrylic face-plate.
  • Features an illuminated nameplate with led indicators and illuminated keypad.
  • Proximity Reader Included.
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