Three Tenant Unit Kits

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three tenant video intercom systemIn order to meet the needs of every unique home, condominium, apartment and villa, we offer numerous choices of complete video intercom system kits. Our video intercom kits include a doorbell station, any number of color monitors, and electric strike locks in order to cover the individual needs of each entryway. Home residences, apartment buildings, business offices or medical facilities can each benefit from installing a video entry intercom system. Our prepackaged video intercom system kits range in size in order to accommodate your security needs. If the right package is not available, we offer full system discounts and will help build a unique system for your home or facility. Our video entry intercom system quotes are free and easy; simply contact us at BEC Integrated Solutions for more information.

Our color monitors offer numerous features specifically engineered to meet your video entry intercom security needs. Choose as many as six video monitors to be paired with your three tenant video intercom system. Our color video monitors’ screens spread from 4.6 inches to 10 inches and they have auto viewing capabilities for more accessibility. After the resident, employee, tenant or visitor has been recognized, the three tenant video intercom monitor allows users to unlock the door using a button located on the monitor itself. The intercom system user also has volume control and brightness adjustment capabilities from the monitor. Compatible with our three tenant video intercom systems are monitors with picture memory capabilities in order to store the last 100 photos taken. These stored photos will include the date and the time stamp for reviewing purposes.

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