DMC3-4 Replacement Intercom Kits


M&S DMC3-4 replacement intercomOld Nutone, M&S, Broan, AudioTech and most three and four wire intercom systems can be replaced by our M&S DMC3-4 music intercom system. Replace old systems using existing wiring and rough ins to avoid spending too much time or energy setting up your new system! The M&S DMC3-4 offers optional Bluetooth attachment capabilities for a more efficient and convenient music and audio experience. Enjoy the convenience of whole home, room-to-room communication, with the added bonus of musical entertainment features. Upgrading your home intercom system to our DMC3-4 music intercom system is easy and affordable!

Replace Old Intercoms with M&S DMC3-4 Features

The M&S DMC3-4 is a replacement intercom system that offers all the essential features of home intercom and more. Enhance the communication and entertainment features of your home, business office, school and more by upgrading your old intercom system. Most venues, whether large or small, can benefit from our DMC3-4 replacement intercom system. Keep in mind that the DMC3-4 connects up to 15 zones including up to three separate door stations. Consider a replacement intercom system that offers all these benefits and more.

With the 30 Watt M&S DMC3-4, many old room stations and ceiling /wall speakers can remain in place and continue to be used. This feature significantly saves you money and creates an affordable alternative to installing an entire new intercom system. Other features include door unlocking capabilities, AM/FM presets, broadcast all call, and much more.

Choose a system that works for you with our M&S DMC3-4. Call us today for a full system quote and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have while researching your upgrade options.

Please note that when upgrading your Nutone intercom system, the DMCFD Door Station Frame will be additionally required.

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