Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System Kits

Cornell 4000 Series Kits Visual / Audio Nurse Call System

If wired, simple and reliable nursecall is what your healthcare facility needs, then consider choosing our Cornell 4000 Series audio / visual nurse call system. The Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System is a call light system known for its reliability and easy-to-use interface.  It is one of the most popular of its kind in today’s healthcare technology market. Healthcare facilities, senior assisted living facilities, nursing homes and outpatient medical clinics are impressed with the Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System due to its flexible attributes such as Statistical Reports, VersaPage (pagers) and AURA 2.0 which provides Data-Logging to oversee alert devices and Broadcast Notification to keep staff continually updated.

Cornell 4000 Series Nurse Call System KitThe Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System is flexible and will adapt to meet each facility’s specific requirements. Cornell specializes in custom made mounting plates to ensure that the system can be used for retrofit applications. Many stations are available in standard 1, 2, and 3 gang box sizes allowing for easy replacements. The Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System can send out text messages to staff via cell phone, email or pagers to inform of emergency circumstances. This system is a wired UL1069 nurse call system. The Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System is not only versatile and reliable, but it is also affordable due to its simplicity.

We offer numerous predesigned full Cornell 4000 system kits designed to accommodate any sized healthcare facility. Whether your facility needs one zone or 30, we have a system ready to be delivered and setup to provide nurse call capabilities to your patients and staff. Our Cornell 4000 Series kits are each packaged with one annunciator main panel, one system power source, and choices of patient bed stations with call cords, pull cord stations with call cords and ceiling or wall mountable dome lights. Choose the Cornell 4000 Series kit that best suits your facility or contact us with your exact requests and we will package a kit that will cover any number of zones.