Channel Vision CCTV Analog Security Color Outdoor Bullet Camera 6325-S

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  • Channel Vision's Color Weatherproof Bullet Camera (6325-S)

    The sleek design and weatherproof exterior make the 6325 Color Weatherproof Bullet Camera a must for your home or business's security needs. This security camera comes with a flexible swivel allowing full range of motion for your security monitoring. The 6325 Color Weatherproof Bullet Camera has an auto back light compensation to ensure the highest quality imaging in your security surveillance. Power supply not included.

    Have confidence in your home or business security by installing the 6325 Color Weatherproof Bullet Camera offered through BEC Integrated Solutions.

    6325-S Color Bullet Camera Features

    • Silver finish
    • Weatherproof
    • Color Bullet Camera
    • 1/4" Panasonic CCD
    • 420 lines high resolution
    • 3.6mm lens
    • Auto-back light and electronic shutter
    • Swivel mount included
    • (Power Supply 5015PS NOT included)

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