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Made only in the USA, our PC based wireless nurse call system is the most advanced wireless nurse call that we at BEC Integrated Solutions offer. It is our exclusive wireless call system option that allows nearly any existing patient technology system within a facility to be merged into one unified wireless call bell system. Hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities includes a small list of the numerous types of facilities that would benefit from our PC based wireless nurse call system. This wireless call system can communicate with countless devices within a small clinic or a vast hospital. With all of its advanced features and capabilities, our PC based wireless nurse call system will increase the efficiency of any facility. You can also use our MV400 and MV200 “Desk Consoles” with this wireless nurse call system.

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Wireless Nurse Call SystemA special feature of our PC based wireless nurse call system is its compatibility with other emergency call systems. This PC based wireless call bell system can easily replace an old system while still being able to pair with the same devices. Cell phones, pagers, pendant transmitters and bracelets, iPads, monitoring stations, communication radios, and smoke or motion detectors are only a few of the numerous compatible devices. Replacing an old system with our PC based wireless nurse call system can be extremely affordable when it is not necessary to replace every communication device. Continuing to use the current devices will eliminate much of the upfront cost of a new wireless call bell system.

Our PC based wireless nurse call system has countless features and options available. A few of the standard features include Windows Operating System, alarm resets, password protection, call prioritization, 900 MHz spread spectrum technology, low battery warning, and replaceable batteries. An emergency pull station, patient stations (both single and dual), duty and code blue stations, corridor and zone lights are only a few of the standard components of our PC based wireless nurse call system. Any need that a medical facility has for their emergency call system can be fulfilled with our wireless patient call system.

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UL1069 Wireless Nurse Call Options Available

The ResidentGuard Wander Management and Location Beacon Systems Interface directly into the wireless nurse call systems so that calls from wandering patients will alert your wireless nurse call system. This is the ideal entry-level solution for facilities that need quick, cost-effective patient wandering capabilities. 

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Benefits To Our Wireless Nurse Call:

  • Systems are preprogrammed at no charge.
  • Discounted project pricing available.
  • Free tech & programming support for the life of the system.
  • Professional installations in most areas.

CONTACT US -  For Discounted Project Bids, Product Selection, Design Assistance, or any questions.

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Upon completing the following quote form, your fully customized and complete CAT5 Wireless Nurse Call System kit will be sent to the email address that you provide. You may call us or place an order directly from the quote PDF that is sent to your email. We strive to send your quote to you within 24 – 48 hours!


Wireless Nurse Call System made in the USA

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