BEC Wander Management System

Wander Management System | Patient WanderGuard

Designed and fully programmed upon arrival to meet the needs of each individual, the BEC Wander Management System is an affordable, flexible, simple-to-use system consisting of a Wireless Door Controller(s) and wearable pendant.

Wander Risk and Elopement Make Easy

Easily installed, the Wander Management System removes the need for expensive installation costs. No wiring or AC outlets required. Pendant transmitter batteries are easily replaceable and battery status seamlessly integrated and monitored by a Wireless Nurse Call Mobile App and reporting features available to Caregivers. 

Caregivers can receive alerts on their Android or Apple iOS devices with the name and photo of the wandering resident. Other options include pocket pagers, two-way radios, email, text messages, iPods, iPads, LED reader boards and more. Alert escalation continues until canceled at the resident or console.

Patient Wandering System: Multiple Programming Features

Designed to easily program which entryways the wearer can pass, the BEC Wander Management System sends an alert to Caregivers if the pendant wearer approaches. Each Wireless Door Controller is programmable for a local alarm at the entryway and automatic door locking when the resident is detected. Entering a code will instantly unlock the door so a resident can be escorted through. Other wireless devices such as smoke or motion detectors, bed or chair exit pads, pull stations or patient stations can be added at any time. 

The 900MHz advantage allows for superior in-building range and up to 10 times the range of any 300MHz products. 

Customer Service or Technical Support is a phone call away. 

  • Fully Programmed
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Very Low Installation Costs
  • Wireless System - No Wires or AC Outlets required
  • Wearable Pendants
  • Easily Replaceable Pendant Transmitter Batteries
  • Batteries Monitored by a Mobile App
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Alerts & Reporting via a Mobile App, text, email, etc.
  • Extended 900MHz range
  • Customer Service or Technical Support