Anti Wandering & Fall Prevention

Anti Wander Management System

This year, thousands of elderly patients will wander and many will experience injury as a result of a fall. With all of the patients needing attention and care, it is important to have the technology in place to know where patients are and be alerted should an emergency arise. Falls and wanderings can be prevented with our Anti-Wandering System. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide our clients with the products and tools needed to provide great care and protection for their patients. The Anti-Wandering System has been utilized in over 2,500 medical facilities around the globe. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other senior care facilities have benefited from our Anti-Wandering System. 

Wander Management System All-in-One

Our Anti-Wandering System comes with several elements that make it one of the best systems on the market today. Our central monitor units come with one, two or three nurse call buttons for emergency and general communication with patients and staff. The central monitoring unit emits a wireless signal which communicates up to 300 feet away to the nurse call button. Each resident can be assigned a button which will relay a silent signal to the central monitoring unit and audible and visual alerts should an emergency arise. 

The Anti-Wandering System also features several motion sensors. These high quality sensors track the movement of patients and alert staff when movement is detected. The sensors on our Anti-Wandering System can serve as an ideal replacement to traditional pull cords or sensor pads and floor mats. The sensors are an affordable solution in our Anti-Wandering System. We offer swivel sensors as well as wall or floor sensors to help track patient movement and activity. 

Anti Wander with Fall Prevention

Each Anti-Wandering System also comes with fall prevention devices such as a bed safety wedge or corded fall mattress. In the event of a fall, our fall prevention devices will help keep the patient safe while alerting staff of a fall. Wireless fall monitors and seat belts can also be assigned to patients to help monitor movement and alerts for falls. With cordless monitor bed pads, chair sensor pads, wrist belts and seat belts, your patients will be able to enjoy their surroundings while have the equipment needed to keep them safe.

Our Anti-Wandering System will enhance the overall care of your healthcare facility to provide a way for you to track and monitor patient activity while employing fall prevention devices to help keep them safe. The Anti-Wandering System offered through BEC is an affordable solution to help keep your patients safe.