MV400 Wireless Nurse Call


Manufactured in the USA, our wireless nurse call systems that we provide at BEC Integrated Solutions have led the industry for almost 20 years. All 50 states, many foreign countries and over 2,500 medical facilities have purchased the wireless nurse call systems that we provide. Medical facilities from all territories rely on the wireless nurse call system for staff and patient safety. The MV200, MV400 and a PC based system are the three nurse call systems that we offer. These products are reliable, flexible and affordable, with numerous features available to meet any facility’s needs.

MV400 wireless nurse call system

The MV400 is a flexible and affordable wireless nurse call system. It can be paired with nearly any device for quick communication. The MV400 can replace a facilities’ current call system while still communicating with the old devices to save money. This affordable option allows multiple systems to be compatible and flexible. Although the standard option supports as many as 250 transmitters, the system can be upgraded to PC supporting 65,000 devices. From small clinics to large hospitals, any medical facility could benefit from the installation of the MV400 wireless nurse call system.

Numerous standard features are included with the MV400 wireless nurse call system. A watchdog system to assure smooth operation, user-friendly programming, 900 MHz spread spectrum technology, 20 character display, quick and easy installation, replaceable batteries, alarm reset capability and more. The MV400 wireless nurse call system is compatible with wireless patient stations (both single and dual), wireless transmitters (pendant and wrist), wireless pull stations for emergency purposes, alpha-numeric capable pagers, exit sensor alarms, smoke and motion detectors, temperature sensors and more. The countless features and functions of the MV400 wireless nurse call system make it useful for any medical facility.

For a more advanced wireless nurse call system consider our PC Based wireless nurse call system. Or if you are looking for a simpler version, consider the MV200 wireless nurse call system. UL1069 wireless nurse call options also available.

"If Central Station Monitoring is Required" we offer Very Low Costs with our Wireless Emergency Call Systems. Independent Living Facilities spend as little as 2.00 per/mo or less per/resident (depending on size). Click Here to Request a Quote

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UL1069 Wireless Nurse Call Options Available

Why We "Are" The Best Wireless Nurse Call System  :

  • Huge savings on Installation costs. "Delivered PRE-Programmed" NO Reoccurring Costs or Software UpgradesUse an INSTALLER of Your Choice
  • Easily expand on your system even if several years have passed since installing our system. With many wireless nurse called competitors, third-party hardware is used and that often prevents you from having compatibility when adding hardware to your system. Third-party manufacturers make changes or discontinue hardware rendering your system incompatible with new components. Not with our wireless nurse call system.
  • FREE System Support for the life of the system!
  • Made in the USA
  • Many more features than our competitors 
  • Found to be most affordable wireless nurse call system in its class. 
  • Most professional and experienced tech-support team in the industry. 
  • Top notch system designers that will help you design a system to meet your needs. 
  • We have one of the only UL1069 rated wireless nurse call system on the market. We surpass all of our competitors on UL requirements.
  • Unlike most, our wireless nurse call system is NOT built using Innovonics hardware.  Everything is manufactured from one plant here in the United States. We are not reliant on what a third-party manufacturer might change.   

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