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Fall Prevention: Alarm, Monitor, Sensor Pad, Call For Help Buttons

The number of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients is increasing by the day and fall prevention tools are becoming more and more important to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals and other medical locations. BEC realizes that "Home Care" is on the rise. Our Wireless Fall Prevention System not only detects falls, but gives care givers the tools to prevent falls and protect patients day after day. When family members and care givers are managing those in need, they want to know that their mom, dad or others are equipped with the best fall prevention and safety tools available. That’s why BEC has made it a priority to provide a high quality fall prevention system at an affordable price.

Wireless Wandering and Fall Prevention Tools

Wireless Fall Prevention System consists of various smart fall prevention devices including Fall Alarms, Fall Monitors, Bed Alarms, Sensor Pads, Bed Pads, Chair Pads, Wireless Alarms, Cordless Alarms, Pagers, Bed Exit Alarms, Chair Exit Alarms, Door Exit Alarms, Motion Sensors, Pressure Pads, Seat Belts, and much more. As a quiet fall prevention system, Smart Caregiver provides a unique system to lessen fall risk and increase daily comfort to patients.

Personal GPS Panic Button

In emergency situations the Personal GPS Panic Button can call for help and sent alerts – instantly and with NO Monthly Monitors Costs. This device has "Voice Communication" and "GPS Location for accurate indoor and outdoor location. The user does need to have a smart phone. READ MORE...


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