Anti-Wander & Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention: Alarm, Monitor, Sensor Pad, Seat Belt, AVAILABLE NOW!

The number of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients is increasing by the day and fall prevention tools are becoming more and more important to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals and other medical locations. Smart Caregiver’s Wireless Fall Prevention System not only detects falls, but gives medical staff the tools to prevent falls and protect patients day after day. When family members make the hard decision to admit their loved ones to a medical living facility, they want to know that their mom, dad or other relative is provided the best fall prevention tools available. That’s why Smart Caregiver has made it a priority to provide a high quality fall prevention system at an affordable price.

 Smart Caregiver’s Wireless Fall Prevention Tools

Smart Caregiver’s Wireless Fall Prevention System consists of various smart fall prevention devices including Fall Alarms, Fall Monitors, Bed Alarms, Sensor Pads, Bed Pads, Chair Pads, Wireless Alarms, Cordless Alarms, Pagers, Bed Exit Alarms, Chair Exit Alarms, Door Exit Alarms, Motion Sensors, Pressure Pads, Seat Belts, and much more. As a quiet fall prevention system, Smart Caregiver provides a unique system to lessen fall risk and increase daily comfort to patients.

Patient Wandering - Smart Caregiver’s Wandering Management Tools

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients typically show wandering tendencies which creates hazard to their health and wellbeing. A wander management system provides freedom to patients while creating a safe and secure environment for them. Wandering can be regulated with the proper tools, which is why we provide Smart Caregiver’s reliable wander managing system.

Low Cost Call Button Paging System

We are proud to offer Smart Caregiver’s system at a low affordable price. We want to be sure that these fall prevention tools are available to all facilities that need them. With paging capabilities and sensing pads of all kids, we are glad to ensure the utmost safety to those in need of fall prevention care. Use the call button paging system to keep your staff in communication at all times. With Smart Caregiver’s Fall Prevention System, paging communication can be maintained at all times.

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