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The TekTone Emergency Call System offers reliable communication methods for hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient surgery clinics and many other types of healthcare facilities. Emergency circumstances require a quick and efficient response from staff in order to provide aid to patients. The TekTone Emergency Call Systems are efficient, practical and affordable systems that offer dependable communication devices. Numerous healthcare facilities have benefited from our TekTone Emergency Call Systems because our systems have provided security improvements on a daily basis.

TekTone Emergency Call

 TekTone’s Emergency Call Systems incorporate many elements to increase patient security in healthcare facilities. Emergency call stations, emergency push buttons, call lights, call bell systems and emergency call boxes are only a few products available to enhance a TekTone Emergency Call System. Residents and patients can be assured that staff are only a push of a button or pull of a cord away in the event of an emergency. TekTone’s Emergency Call Stations provide a clear line of communication wherever it is needed.

TekTone offers the Tek-CARE 120CM800 Emergency Call System, the DS100 Door Alarm System and the Tek-SAFE Area of Rescue Assistance System to facilities that are looking to increase daily safety and efficiency.

The Tek-CARE 120 Emergency Call System by Tektone is unlike any other Nurse Call System on the market. The Tek-CARE 120 only requires 2 wires making this the BEST option for upgrading many old Nursecall Systems. This Emergency Call System is also perfect for new installations as it does offer many of the features you would expect in a modern call system.

TekTone’s CM800 Emergency Call System allows emergency calls, security alarms and equipment monitoring all from the master annunciator panel. The CM800 is both a visual and audio system using lights and tones to alert staff of an emergency. Emergency switches, call cords, call bells and dome lights are available to install in any room needing quick communication with the staff located at the master annunciator panel.

Tektone CM800

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TekTone DS100 Door Alarm System

TekTone’s DS100 Door Alarm System allows facilities to supervise door or window entry in order to avoid losing patients. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes especially find the DS100 to be useful in order to keep track of their residents. If a resident or patient leaves their designated area without the knowledge of staff, the DS100 will sound an alarm and flash a light to warn staff of the incident.

Tektone DS100

TekTone’s Tek-SAFE Area of Rescue Assistance System allows people to communicate with emergency personnel in the event of an emergency through an intercom system. Any type of facility needing call stations that can connect quickly and easily with the master station will benefit from our Tek-SAFE Area of Rescue Assistance System. The Tek-SAFE sends both visual and audio indicators to the main station to signal for help.

Tektone Tek-Safe Area of Rescue