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UL1069 Wireless Nurse Call PC Based System Pagers Patient Stations

UL1069 wireless nurse call systemIf wireless nurse call has become a high priority on your healthcare facility’s “to-purchase” list, but finding the proper UL1069 wireless nurse call system has become a hassle, look no further than our system at BEC Integrated Solutions. Made only in the USA, our UL1069 listed system offers all of the functionality of a regular system while maintaining the high standards that accompany a UL1069 listed Version 7 wireless nurse call system. Our UL1069 wireless nurse call system will have your hospital, clinic, emergency ward, nursing home or other skilled care facility on the grid for meeting safety qualifications. Acute care facilities often require the UL1069 listing for a wireless nurse call system. Consider our PC based UL1069 system for your next big purchase.


Integrates with Numerous Wireless Devices Phones Dome Lights

Our UL1069 wireless nurse call system offers compatible integration with nearly any type of wireless device. Pocket pagers, telephones, smartphones, reader boards, dome lights and other wireless devices can be connected to this wireless nurse call system to provide seamless emergency communication throughout your entire facility. Our PC based UL1069 wireless nurse call system can replace your outdated wireless system while integrating with the same devices. Incorporate your new system with our WanderGuard patient wandering system to keep patients safe while roaming their designated areas. The options are endless with our UL1069 wireless nurse call system.

UL1069 Listed Wireless Nurse Call Computer Features & Speculations

ul1069 listed wireless nurse call rear pcConsider a UL1069 listed wireless nurse call system that provides the following features and speculations to maximize your healthcare facility’s efficiency. Standard features include Windows 7 Operating System, 17” slim line color LCD monitor, alarm notification & resets, password protection, call prioritization, battery backup for power outages. A few popular stations that our customer’s find most useful are emergency pull stations, patient stations (both single and dual), duty and code blue stations and corridor and zone lights for visual alert. Any need that an acute care facility has for a wireless call bell system can be met with the installation of our UL1069 wireless nurse call system.

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The ResidentGuard Wander Management and Location Beacon Systems Interface directly into the wireless nurse call systems so that calls from wandering patients will alert your wireless nurse call system. This is the ideal entry-level solution for facilities that need quick, cost-effective patient wandering capabilities.

LC1200 patient wandering system

Benefits To Our Wireless Nurse Call:

  • Systems are preprogrammed at no charge.
  • Discounted project pricing available.
  • Free tech & programming support for the life of the system.
  • Professional installations in most areas.
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