TekTone Nurse Call System Parts

TekTone NC110, NC150-200, NC300 Nurse Call System Parts

TekTone nurse call system partsWe provide the best in healthcare technology solutions as TekTone nurse call system parts are sure to enhance your productivity and efficiency. TekTone nurse call system parts are available for TekTone's systems including the NC110, NC150-200, and NC300. These nurse call systems are used in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, and assisted-living facilities and come with numerous features and options that will provide an ideal solution for your needs.

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TekTone NC110 Nurse Call Parts

The TekTone NC110 nurse call system is equipped with parts that are dependable and affordable. This system is the most basic nurse call system that we offer but is an efficient and affordable means of communication. The annunciator panel communicates with as many as 50 different stations within the facility, with expansion capabilities to allow you to expand into as many rooms as needed. Our TekTone nurse call system parts can be integrated to provide care reporting, master visual station, master stations installed on different company computers, communication to pagers, email and cellphones, and fire and security alarm system integration. TekTone nurse call system parts are easily replaced and installed and can be added using the current wiring and infrastructure of your facility.

TekTone NC150 and NC200 Nurse Call Parts

TekTone nurse call system parts ensure clear two-way communication between patients and staff. Your staff can communicate with patients without having to be in the room. The NC150-200 nurse call system can be mounted to the wall or to a desk and the Staff Follow function can also be included to increase staff mobility within your facility. The benefit of using these TekTone nurse call system parts is that your staff can check for their next call without being paged or without having to travel to the main annunciator panel. The TekTone NC200 nurse call system includes a 10-station Group Call feature and has a paging system built in to provide quick and clear communication to your staff.

Tek-CARE NC300 Nurse Call Parts

This Tek-CARE NC300 nurse call system is the more elaborate TekTone nurse call system that we offer and has been proven to increase the efficiency of any facility. We offer all TekTone nurse call system parts including the color LCD display, nurse location, intercom, stat calls, and call orders which are just a few of the many features of this system.  A bright call display includes a patient's name and room number for easy location, while the TekTone nurse call system also shows waiting for calls in order of receipt and importance. Each TekTone nurse call system offers clear audio communication, while the locator feature switches to allow quick location and communication with nurses on the work floor. Multiple systems can be combined and integrated with other fire alarm or security systems.

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