TekTone NC110 Nurse Call System


The Tektone NC110 nurse call system is a visual-only nurse call system for hospitals, nursing homes, and a variety of health care facilities. Tek-CARE provides this tone visual system using a button and light system rather than a voice/intercom system. The Tektone NC110 is the most basic nurse call system that we offer. It is an efficient and affordable means of communication for healthcare facilities. The Tektone NC110 nurse call system includes modular annunciator panels which are obtainable in a variety of lamp indicator quantities from four to over 100. If choosing the DS100 door sentry and emergency alarm system, door and window supervising can be added to the Tektone NC100.

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TekTone NC110A Annunciator Nurse Call Panel

Tektone NC110 Nurse Call System

The Tektone NC110A annunciator panel communicates with as many as 50 different stations within a facility. The NC100 annunciator panel can be expanded to as many rooms as needed. There are three call levels sent to the annunciator panels and dome lights for the Tek-CARE NC110 including routine, emergency, and code or fire signals. The Tektone NC110 can be integrated with additional features using the Tek-ALERT integration manager. A few of these features include software for care reporting, a master visual station, master stations installed on different company computers, communication to pagers, email and cell phones, wireless pendants for patients or residents, and fire alarm and security system integration. All additions to the Tektone NC110 can be added using the current wiring and infrastructure allowing for a simple installation process.

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