TekTone Tek-CARE NC300 Nurse Call System


The Tektone Tek-Care NC300 nurse call system is a more elaborate system of communication designed for hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. It is a two-way communication system with many additional features. Color LCD display, nurse location, intercom, stat calls, and call order are some of the features of the Tek-Care NC300 nurse call system. The system is proven to increase the efficiency of any facility. The Tek-CARE NC300 includes a monitor in the master system that shows waiting for calls in order of receipt and importance. The call display of the Tektone NC300 includes patient name and room information for easy location.

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The Tektone Tek-Care NC300 nurse call system not only offers clear audio communication but also an LCD color display. The system also contains LED dome lights that match with existing facility décor when unlit. The Tektone NC300 offers locator switches to allow quick location and communication with nurses out on the work floor. A Tek-PAGING system can be added to keep in contact with nurses on the job. The Tektone NC300 is an independent and reliable system that does not need the assistance of computers to function. A Tek-MMARS 300 Management Monitoring and Reporting System can be added to increase productivity. Other features are available for the Tektone NC300 such as even monitoring, email output, reporting for management purposes, and staff paging. The Tek-MMARS 300 can even complete reports that can ultimately replace necessary paperwork. Multiple systems can be combined with additional modules added to the Tek-MMARS 300. It can show calls from a Tektone NC300 nurse call system, fire alarm system, or other security systems including Wireless Nurse Call systems.

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