Tek-CARE400 P5 Nurse Call System

Tek-CARE400 P5 nurse call systemTekTone's Tek-CARE 400-P5 Nurse Call System

At BEC Integrated Solutions we offer the UL1069 listed Tek-CARE 400-P5 nurse call system, an advanced, premium solution to your healthcare facility’s emergency communication. The Tek-CARE400-P5 is wired with CAT5 cabling for a secure, reliable connection for emergency calling and efficient, daily communication. System programming allows the Tek-CARE 400-P5 to function in a variety of ways that will have your hospital, clinic, nursing home, assisted living apartment, or other healthcare facility functioning seamlessly. The sleek, modern design of this model brings your facility gracefully into the 21st century while providing the utmost protection and support for patients and staff alike.

Tek-CARE400 P5 Master Station NC402TS Nurse Call

NC402TS master stationWith a 10” LCD touchscreen and the ability to simultaneously show calls throughout the entire facility, the Tek-CARE400 P5 nurse call system master annunciation station (NC402TS) provides the technology needed to keep your healthcare facility operating smoothly. The station is compact, ensuring enough workspace on the nurse station desk for other tasks as well. A built-in, water resistant, rubber-overlay keypad is included as well as a membrane keypad for everyday use. The Tek-CARE NC402TS offers everything needed to have your nurse call system working as one emergency call system throughout your whole healthcare facility.

Tek-CARE400 P5 Patient Staff Duty Multipurpose Stations

TekTone Nurse Call P5 call stationsThe Tek-CARE400 P5 pairs with TekTone’s P5 patient stations using DIN jacks rather than dummy plugs. Other stations such as staff, duty, and multipurpose also pair connect with the Tek-CARE400 P5 nurse call system. Choose from useful tools like pull-cord stations, check-in stations for patients or residents, and vandal resistant staff stations for psychiatric wards. The options are limitless with the various features and functions included with the Tek-CARE400 P5 nurse call system.

TekTone’s P5 stations are unique in that they don’t require separate power cables to keep them running smoothly. Simply install them using the provided CAT5 cables to provide crystal clear audio communication featuring full-duplex audio. All of our P5 stations are interchangeable which makes replacement a breeze! Enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication, corridor light connection, and pleasant tones with our TekTone P5 emergency stations.

Optional Additions for TekTone Nurse Call System

Choose to integrate with Tek-MMARS400 management monitoring and reporting software to understand how your facility is improving and what areas need to be better managed. Also, consider the ADT interface which allows a patient’s information to be displayed upon placing a call in order to properly and quickly identify the patient. Consider the Tek-CARE400 P5 nurse call system for the sake of your patients, staff, and your facility’s reputation. Call us today for a free system quote!

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