Tek-CARE400 Nurse Call System

TekTone's Tek-CARE 400 Advanced Nurse Call System

Tek-CARE400 Nurse Call SystemThe Tek-CARE 400 is an advanced nurse calls system designed to improve efficiency and streamline emergency communication within a hospital setting. Clinics, nursing homes, assisted living apartments, and healthcare facilities of all kinds have benefited from the addition of the Tek-CARE 400 nurse call system. It is considered one of the industry’s most innovative nurse call systems available today yet still remains user-friendly for both patients and staff alike. Improving daily efficiency comes easy with the Tek-CARE 400 nurse call system. The communication methods provided instantly save staff time and energy as they accomplish their daily tasks. The Tek-CARE 400 nurse call system also ensures 24-hours help for patients throughout the entire facility.

Choice of LCD TouchScreen or VFD Master Station

Choose from the 10” LCD touchscreen master station or the 4x40-character vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) master station. Each master is compatible with patient stations, pagers, corridor lights, and more. They are both compacts allowing other tasks to take place at the main nurses’ work station. Additionally, they offer spill-proof keyboards, central power, and no need for a personal computer.

TekTone nurse call system master stations

Tek-CARE 400 Patient Station Options

Tek-CARE nurse call stationsThe patient stations used with the Tek-CARE 400 nurse call system provide full duplex audio with local volume control and the ability to connect as many as 11 peripheral devices to each station. Choose from two different patient station options; the first provides a DIN jack with a ¼” auxiliary input jack while the second includes both a DIN jack as well as extra buttons that are fully customizable for different emergency or non-emergency messages.

Options Features for Tek-CARE 400 Nurse Call System

Similar to the Tek-CARE 400 P5 nurse call system, the 400 model integrates with Tek-MMARS400 management monitoring and reporting software to allow you to understand how your facility is improving and what areas need to be better managed. Also, consider the ADT interface which allows a patient’s information to be displayed upon placing a call in order to properly and quickly identify the patient. Consider the Tek-CARE400 nurse call system for the sake of your patients, staff, and your facility’s reputation. Call us today for a free system quote!

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