Six Device Monitor (Wireless)

Wireless Fall Alarm and Cordless Peripheral Devices

(Monitors Up To 6 Wireless Devices)

The 433-EC Economy CordLess Monitor allows you to monitor up to six (6) wireless devices from one location and is ideal for home or facility use. This portable monitor can be placed up to 300 ft. away from residents and allows caregivers to eliminate in-room alarm noise. Monitor alerts with audible chime and bright blinking red light and comes with Low-Medium-High Volume Control. Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-04). Battery Operated (3-C, Not Included). The Wireless Nurse Call Button allows individuals to signal caregivers for assistance remotely with push-button activation and comes standard with necklace lanyard and plastic wall-mounting cradle. The Wireless Remote Reset Button allows staff to reset the alarm monitor remotely while attending directly to resident needs. The Wireless Motion Sensor has flexible mounting options to capture resident movement from any angle and has an optional AC Power Adapter (AC-04). The Wireless Window/Door Exit Alarm easily mounts to a door and door frame to alarm when door is opened and the connection is broken. The Smart Caregiver CordLess® Pads and Mats are Weight-Sensing and when triggered, send a wireless signal to their corresponding receiver, setting off an alarm to alert caregiver. CordLess Pads are placed under resident, either on a chair or bed, and the CordLess® Floor Mats and Landing Mats can be placed by the bedside or in a doorway, to capture resident movement. Range up to 300 ft. allows you to remove alarm noise from the room and create a quiet and secure environment for each resident. Features: - Expandable for your needs with these optional components: CordLess® Bed & Chair Sensor Pads, CordLess® Floor Mats & Landing Mats, Wireless Nurse Call Buttons & Remote Reset Buttons, Wireless Window/Door Exit Alarms and Motion Sensors. Range up to 300 ft.