Bed Pads/Mats (Wired) Economy

Economy Bed/Chair Exit Alarm With On/Off Switch

(For use w/WIRED / Corded, Weight Sensing Pads and Mats)

The TL-2100E Economy Bed/Chair Exit Alarm Monitor works with all Smart Caregiver Corded Pads and Mats and features an ON/OFF Switch, allowing caregivers to turn off the alarm while attending to residents at the bedside. Monitor is ideally placed at the bedside, using a corded floor mat, or on a wheelchair and then connected to a corded sensor pad capable of alerting the caregiver when an individual gets up and pressure is removed from the pad. Battery Operated (3-AA, Not Included). The Smart Caregiver Corded Pads and Mats are Weight-Sensing and are designed for use with our Corded Fall Monitors. Pads are placed under a resident on a bed or chair and when they get up and pressure is removed from the sensor, the monitor will alarm. Floor Mats and Landing Mats are placed on the ground and when a resident applies pressure by stepping on Mat, the monitor will alarm. Monitor Required.

-Auto-Reset: Monitor automatically resets when pressure is re-applied to connected pad or mat.
-Low Battery & Monitor Status Indicator Lights.
-Nurse Call System compatible
-Patented Pad Lost Light: Notifies caregiver that sensor pad connection has been disrupted.
-3 Way Adjustable Alarm Tone / Fully Adjustable Volume Control