Cornell AURA Reporting Software

Cornell AURA Reporting Software NURSE CALL SYSTEMS & PAGING

Increasing efficiency and dependability are important in any healthcare facility. That’s why BEC Integrated provides Cornell’s AURA 2.0 Reporting Software for any of Cornell’s audio, visual and wireless nurse call systems. The AURA Reporting Software allows healthcare facilities to thoroughly record the response times of staff during an emergency situation. With the ability to review each of these instances, the Cornell AURA 2.0 Reporting Software allows facilities to see where response times could be bettered. Cornell AURA 2.0 Reporting Software lets facilities virtually watch their efficiency increases with each incident.

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Cornell AURA Reporting Software

Sorting calls with the Cornell AURA 2.0 Reporting Software is quick and detailed, using the patient names, room numbers, account numbers, or identification numbers to organize and locate calls. Keeping a controlled and orderly log of calls enables calls to be reviewed later to better improve efficiency. Our Cornell AURA 2.0 Reporting Software is easy to install and use with any of Cornell’s nurse call systems and has been proven to be user-friendly to any level of proficiency with computers.

Cornell’s AURA 2.0 Reporting Software allows calls to be sent through pager systems, computer desktop displays, emails, and text messages. Each call sent using a facility’s nurse call system is immediately recorded by the AURA 2.0 Reporting Software and staff response times are logged, allowing for future review and better comparison to past instances. Numerous benefits of the AURA 2.0 Reporting Software are seen in healthcare facilities using the software on a daily basis. Emergency response times are recorded, reviewed, and ultimately improved with the Cornell AURA 2.0 Reporting Software. Improving staff response time during emergency situations is crucial in the event of a lifesaving circumstance.

With a Cornell AURA 2.0 Call Reporting Software system, the ability to better monitor, better respond and better improve patients’ safety and wellbeing. This software has been proven to make your healthcare facility better monitored in a more orderly, detailed, and efficient manner. Using the Cornell AURA 2.0 Reporting Software will help increase response times by observing previous experiences and gauging how to improve them the next time. This software helps you create the kind of healthcare facility you want: a quick-responding, efficient place to care for each and every patient.

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