When it's time to upgrade your home intercom, lucky for you, we are one step ahead! We've got the all-in-one intercom system that makes upgrading a breeze. The Intrasonic Retro-M Home Intercom System is specially designed to fit almost any existing home intercom system in your house. With our Retro-M, we've already done the hard work for you. Quit researching and start planning - we've got the perfect upgrade for your home intercom! 

The Intrasonic Retro-M home intercom system makes upgrading so easy because it is designed to fit in the place of most current intercom systems, and even uses the same wiring you've already got set up throughout your walls. And as long as your master station is 9.5 inches or less, you can reuse your in-wall housing unit, saving you even more time and money. Using the Intrasonic Retro-M home intercom system gives you the upgrade you're ready for without the budget busting consequences you don't need.

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Features of our Home Intercom System

The features of the Retro-M home intercom system make it easy to see why this system is so popular. Hands-free calling and answering between intercoms and the front door ensures that no matter what you're doing, you are free to talk or call anyone in your home. You can even let someone in the door without having to physically unlock it! Play music from the radio in each room or connect your MP3 player at the docking station and let your own playlist fill the whole house. A versatile Bluetooth component is also available for those who like to take advantage of streaming audio from a nearby Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone of tablet! Privacy functions allow you to place a call to all rooms but only converse with the one person you need once they answer. Upgrading your home intercom has never been an easier choice with a Retro-M home intercom system.

Get an Instant Quote for your Home Intercom System

When it's this easy, this convenient for your lifestyle and this affordable, there's really no room left to wonder whether upgrading your home intercom system with a Retro-M intercom is the right choice for you. Even if you're still leaving room for doubt, we have a free, instant quote tool you can use to see exactly what system would suit you best. Our quote system will show you everything you need to know about your new home intercom system in minutes. Click now and see just how affordable and easy upgrading your home intercom system will be for you today!