The fresh cut grass, the newest flat screen TV or the shiny new sports car are just a few ways for us to keep up with the latest and greatest in our society. Well the tables are about to turn with a replacement intercom system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions. This system is sure to turn heads as it offers an array of features that will help to improve the intercom communication of your home. Our replacement intercom system can use existing wiring in your home or office and can be installed with ease. We even offer brackets to help cover previous intercom systems as newer technology is often smaller.

replacement intercom system

This replacement intercom system comes with numerous benefits you are sure to enjoy. We offer voice only, video, music and even Bluetooth technology allow you to get the best out of your replacement intercom system. With a replacement intercom system from BEC Integrated Solutions, your intercom communication is taken to the next level. Choose to broadcast to all units at once or select certain units to relay messaging. Enjoy hands free answering when a unit is called. Our replacement intercom system also comes with the option of door release function. This means that when your guest arrive and ring the front door bell, entrance can be granted at the press of a button on your replacement intercom system.

replacement intercom system

Not only does our replacement intercom system offer the latest in intercom communication, but the system also provides the option for a whole-home entertainment system. Depending on the option, your replacement intercom system can stream AM/FM presets, CDs or even MP3 auxiliary outputs. We even offer bluetooth connection on certain models to wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet to your replacement intercom system. The music distribution comes through in crystal clear sound. You will think you have a surround sound system installed in your home.

Our replacement intercom system is second to none on the market today. Each system is reliable, dependable and will provide an elite intercom system for your home or office. Combine the efficiency in communication with a music distribution system to give you a replacement intercom system that you will enjoy for years to come. Trust us, the Joneses will be asking all about your new replacement intercom system.

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