What is the best car you’ve ever owned? No doubt what made that car stand out were the features and reliability coupled with the lasting memories and good times all housed within the four wheels of that special ride. But for most of us, that special set of wheels has been replaced with a new car or truck and with it comes the new opportunity for memories. Our hope is that the new car or truck will provide the same reliability and dependability, but understand that cars don’t last forever. The same is true of your existing home intercom system. Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer the reliability you have come to expect in an intercom system and combine that with the modern conveniences and technological upgrades in our new Nutone Intercom system. This revolutionary new product can serve as an ideal replacement for your existing intercom and replaces most 3, 4, 6 or 7-wire systems. The Nutone Intercom has a number of features and benefits that you are sure to enjoy.

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The Nutone Intercom system provides clear and direct communication throughout all units in your home. Just press a button and the Nutone Intercom system does the rest in allowing you to speak to all units in your home in crystal clear sound. The Nutone Intercom system can house up to 15 different units, giving you complete coverage for your home or office. The system features door release function, allowing you to grant access to guests with the press of a button. The Nutone Intercom system also doubles as an entertainment center as two inputs allow music and content to stream throughout the system. The Nutone Intercom offers 8 AM and 8 FM presets to your favorite stations. The system also features an optional CD stereo upgrade to give you hours of entertainment. Each unit has volume and source control, allowing different rooms to be listening to different content.

The Nutone Intercom comes in a white faceplate color that is sure to match your existing decor. The system is easy to install and compatible with existing wiring to make the transition as seamless as possible. We even include special wall brackets to help with the installation as most of the newer models are smaller than older models.

So while change can often be difficult, we all understand that change can often bring new and exciting possibilities. While you may not think of your home intercom system that way, we’re sure the Nutone Intercom will be an added benefit to your home or office. Trust us, you won’t regret getting rid of the old and replacing it with our Nutone Intercom system.

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