The advantages of music are tenfold. The advantages of classical music are too numerous to count. A complex tool, the brain benefits from the harmonious tunes of violins and cellos and pianos. Classical music enhances creativity, improves health benefits and increases productivity. BEC Integrated Solutions can offer you a Music Video Intercom System for your home.

Our line of music intercoms combines the features of a home intercom system with a complete-home entertainment experience. Your music intercom can be connected to speakers to deliver music throughout your home. All of our music intercom systems have a variety of inputs including Bluetooth technology. Experience the meditative benefits of playing music throughout every room of your house with one of our Music Video Intercom Systems.

“With the combination of the safety of video intercom with the fun of music technology, our Valet System One intercom system is one of the most affordable and reliable on the market. With an optional video camera door station, this system can allow family members to view who is visiting and when. You can also play music throughout your home with the Valet System One music intercom system. The system allows AM/FM radio or auxiliary device audio playing from each separate station. The M200 Valet System One intercom system is compact and brings new technology to any home.

Connect other CCTV cameras or TV from your set-top box to the Valet System One video intercom system. That way you can both view visitors at the front door, as well as potential intruders around your property. Enjoy 24-hour security with the video camera features included with the M200 Valet System One video intercom system.”

With the option of white, black or tan colored components, the Valet System One home intercom system nicely complements any home. Integrate your intercom system with its surroundings or stand out with many options available.

"The Valet System One video music intercom system provides broadcasting call capabilities to all rooms with the option to switch to a private call between two stations once the call is answered. Or choose the room to call and avoid interrupting conversation or events in other rooms. Each station offers a silence feature that can be activated to avoid disturbing family members or colleagues."

Use our online quote form and within minutes you will receive a free no-obligation quote that is customized to the needs of your home. No hidden fees or upselling techniques. Our team of experienced designers have expert knowledge with each system and can help ensure that you have the right system for your property. Experience intercom systems in a whole new way with BEC Integrated Solutions. Contact us today.