Home entertainment seems like a luxury you only see on television shows or in movies. After all, these gizmos and gadgets are only for those who can afford them. Not anymore. With our Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo system, you can enjoy a whole new level of home entertainment. This innovative and affordable system will enhance your music distribution throughout your home or office, providing a superior sound. 

Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo

Enhance Home Entertainment with our Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo

The Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo features a user-friendly interface that gives you control of audio source, volume and power status. The sleek design will bring a modern flair to your home as you can choose from a variety of color options that are available including white, almond, and black. Choose low, medium or high volume for touch tone sound depending on preference. Enjoy five different background options including always-on and delayed off back lighting. The Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo also features a clock and date display for your convenience. Stream music through the AM/FM presets, MP3 connection, smartphone docking or even bluetooth. 

Our Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo features 80 watts of stereo sound through as many as four pairs of speakers to provide complete coverage throughout your home or business. The Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo comes with an optional remote control to allow you to navigate the system from across the room. The Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo comes with a two-year warranty so you can have the confidence in knowing we’ll take care of your Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo system. 

Luxury items don't have to always be expensive. Turn your home or office into an entertainment oasis as you stream your favorite tunes throughout. Dinner parties are taken to the next level as you dance the night away to your favorite songs. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide only the best products for our customers to enjoy. For over 20 years, we’ve been the industry leader in serving our clients with the best products on the market today. All of this at an affordable price. Contact us today and we’ll show you the numerous benefits and features of our Intrasonic In-Wall Stereo system. Your home or office will never be the same!