At BEC Integrated Solutions, Inc., we are always striving to bring you the best, most updated technology for you and your home or business needs. With an intercom upgrade from BEC, you’re getting the most affordable and most convenient upgrade on the market! If you’re looking for an easy, economical and technologically advanced intercom upgrade, look no further than the home intercom systems that we offer.

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Replacement Intercom System

Replacing your old intercom system is easy when you choose one of our modern systems. Our intercom systems are designed to slide right into the place of your old stations. If you’re using our M&S MC602 model, you can even reuse your old door stations! Additionally, drywall patchwork is not needed when considering our intercom upgrades. We have manufactured our plates with options to fit your current door and patio stations. If your wiring connects back to the master intercom, then no need to worry about rewiring! We can use all the current wiring, making the intercom upgrade smooth and quick. Some of our intercom systems even have the capability to connect with your current wall and speaker systems, as well as options to connect iPods, mp3 players and play CDs. Since security is a priority for you, we offer excellent, modern options within our intercom upgrade systems to tailor these needs for you. Our intercom upgrade options ensure that anyone can find the right intercom for a wide variety of lifestyles or businesses.


M&S Systems DMC3-4 Upgrade Intercom


Intercom System Upgrade Options

There are several excellent options when considering an intercom upgrade with BEC. the Nutone intercom system replaces most 3-, 4-, 6- or 7- wire intercoms. Full replacement of your old intercom system is effortless with a Nutone intercom system. Our IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom System is most often a popular intercom upgrade because it is designed to replace most Nutone or M&S intercom systems. With a USB charging port for music devices, it adds a modern touch for today’s home or business. With our M&S intercom and music bluetooth-enabled systems, partial or full upgrading of your old system is available and seamless. This intercom is perfect for quick and painless upgrading of your intercom system, whether you need a partial or desire a full replacement. Any choice for an intercom upgrade with our affordable and integratable options will perfectly match whatever needs your home or business has.

Intercom Upgrade Nutone NM100 Music Distribution

Whether you need an intercom upgrade to heighten crystal clear audio quality, to better communicate with your family members or tenants, or to heighten your security to the best available technology, an intercom upgrade through BEC Integrated Solutions is the obvious choice. No one else can offer the technologies we can at the price we do! Email or call us today for a personalized quote to best suit your intercom upgrading needs.

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