Does your home intercom system sound like you’re speaking into a can? Is the audio crackling, dropping out or just hard to hear? Perhaps it no longer functions at all and you’ve considered tearing it out of the wall - only realize the hours of work and materials required to patch the holes left behind. If this is you, maybe it is time for you to consider a home intercom system upgrade. Replacing your home intercom system isn’t as simple as just ordering one online or purchasing one from the nearest store. There are several steps you need to take to ensure you buy the proper retrofitting system in order to take advantage of the wires already in place. You’ll find that you can save a lot of time and money by making sure you are purchasing the right system.

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The Secret of Home Intercom Wiring Lies Behind the Room Station(s)

The first step in your home intercom system upgrade process is to find out what type of wiring your existing intercom system has in place. This is an important step in the home intercom system upgrade process because many of the older intercom systems have wiring configurations that can’t be ignored. The most common wiring configurations are three and four-wire systems, but there are also six, seven and even eight-wire systems as well. So how do you find out which you have? Well before you grab your phonebook or search the web for the nearest electrician to remove your existing system to give you the answer, let’s walk you through the steps to find out which system you have and which systems will replace it.

Remove the Current Room Station

Look at your existing room station and find the screws that are holding the system in place on the wall. Once you locate the screws, remove the screws using a screwdriver.

Count the Wires

Once the screws have been removed from the unit, gently pull the unit away from the wall while leaving it connected to the wires. Be careful because if you pull too hard the wiring may become disconnected from the unit. Turn the room station to the side and begin to count the attached wires on the back of the unit. Yes, it is that simple to determine the number of wires in your home intercom system.

Replace the Unit

Once you determine how many wires your home intercom system has, place the unit back on the wall and re-tighten the screws.

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Now You're Ready to Get an Instant Home Intercom System Quote

Now you have the wiring information needed for your home intercom system upgrade. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer many retrofit systems that will fit your existing wiring configuration. Installing your home intercom system upgrade can be as easy as removing the old room and master stations and other elements of your existing system, and replacing them with the new system. Because our replacement home intercom systems are retrofitted with custom fit adapter plates, you won’t need to patch the large old holes or re-wire the system. Simply detach the old system and put your new home intercom system upgrade in its place.

Let’s get you started on your home intercom system upgrade. Choose a system below for a free instant online quote!

Replacement Intercom Systems Replacement Intercom Systems Replacement Intercom Systems
Replacement/Upgrade: IntraSonic Retro-M Intercom Replacement/Upgrade: M&S DMC1 / DMC3-4 Intercom Replacement/Upgrade: Nutone NM100 / NM200 Intercom
NEW Installation Home Intercom Systems NEW Construction Home Intercom System CAT5 Wireless Home Intercom Systems
New Construction: IST I2000 Intercom New Construction: M&S DMC1 CAT5 Intercom Wireless WiFi Home Intercom